5 Ways to Optimize Your Long Scroll Mobile Website Design

So, what website content framing strategy your website visitors like the most? Load More Buttons, Pagination, or Infinite Scrolling? They can go for any option if they like your website content & design. However, there are certain factors that could create disturbance for your website design & consequently irritate your visitors from taking any action on your site. This may result in their disinterest and they skip your web page results on the SERPs in order to get answers to their user queries. They prefer other website content and that can be a serious matter for your website building future. Hence, you have to optimize your website content structure timely. First, you need to understand what content access structure you need to follow.

There are 3 renowned options you can go for Load More Buttons, Infinite Scrolling & Pagination. In this article, you’re going to explore the Infinite or Long Scroll option. A Long Scroll option is effective in many ways, but there could be some drawbacks of the same. You have to figure out these drawbacks and optimize your long scroll design for a better user experience. Then comes mobile optimization. It is essential for all sorts of websites out there. A huge part of your target audience is going to be mobile users. Therefore, you have to run your designing strategy accordingly.

You can also decide on other two types of mobile designing approaches to follow your unique objective. However, you have to look into your website audience’s taste & preferences first. At SFWP Experts you can get better advice regarding your Website UI Designing & Development goals & objectives. We’re a leading website design & maintenance company helping potential webmasters & website owners all over the world!

Drawbacks of Long-Scroll Pages

Though long-scroll pages are liked by many website users out there, they could create some problems for your website visitors to some extent. Therefore, timely optimization is required. In this section, we would like to share the major drawbacks that you can undergo related to your long-scroll pages and consequently work to avoid the same. Moreover, you can make considerable changes to your long scroll website design to serve your future visitors as well. Here are some disadvantages of building long scroll web pages in this context that you need to overcome:

  • Boring Concept

As long as your website design is limited to PC use, your visitors enjoy a long scroll. However, the situation flips in the case of a mobile responsive design. And, a mobile responsive design is your leading priority for whatever website you’re running. Mobile responsive design is going to showcase a small picture of your web page that encourages a very long scrolling design that usually fed-up your website visitors. And, that’s where the problem arises. You have to figure out what your website users feel about such web designs. And, you’ll surely get to see their concerns.

  • Kills Your Website Navigation

Again your mobile-friendly design is going to create trouble for your visitors. A long-scroll website page usually creates a disturbance for your navigation menu. The users want to switch to the navigation bar frequently and that’s what is going to piss them off in this case. Website Navigation is very important if you’re planning to serve your visitors with added options of information & web pages. They don’t want to stick to just one form of website content for a long time.

  • Disturbance on Footer

Despite following a proper thumb zone your website visitors can face problems scrolling through your web pages while surfing in sleeping or likewise position. The footer elements create such disturbance and make them tap & close your web page right away. And then they feel disturbed to go back to the same web page and search for their existing spot. So, you need to avoid this too.

You can further overcome such drawbacks & improve your website design for more user engagement & traffic on your site. Reach out to SFWP Experts today & share your web page organization concern. Let us help you with our revolutionary Custom Coded Website Designing Solutions for better outcome & user experience on your site!

5 Ways You Can Optimize Your Long Scroll Mobile Web Design

Despite undergoing some issues you can’t just ignore a long scroll mobile web designing technique. It is still a notable user engagement strategy that many webmasters use to retain their top clients & visitors on their site. Instead, you can simply follow the enlisted ways to optimize your existing website design:

1. Figure Out the Standard Mobile Screen Size

The foremost requirement is to figure out what a standard mobile size says about your designing outcome. There’s a standard for every product out there, so you won’t get any problem finding out the average mobile screen size to specify your long scroll web design for your website. By doing this you can easily trigger your design & make it easily accessible by your top mobile users. A standard size can vary somewhere between 5.5 to 6.5 inches and you can create your designing strategy accordingly. Moreover, you can consider some specific devices like an iPhone to specify your long scroll mobile design.

2. Place Your CTAs Properly

The second piece of advice we’d like to share is about your website CTAs. CTAs are a crucial part of your website content. They are placed to raise conversions out of your website traffic. However, a long scroll website design can ruin your plan of targeting corresponding conversions on your website traffic. You can place a CTA button in the opening of your web page & trigger a quick action on part of your website visitors. We suggest you not disturb your website visitors by frequently making use of the CTAs in the whole content. It would be a bad marketing strategy too. You can make use of your web page header & footer portion though.

3. Prevent Parallax Scrolling Design

Also known as a fancy scrolling approach, it is quite popular among emerging websites these days. But you can undergo various website issues while employing such designs in your website. Parallax scrolling is attractive yet demands more web page loading time that’s not at all going to work out for a long period of time. Your website’s performance would eventually come down.

4. Hide Unnecessary Components

Another important aspect you can follow in this guide is to get rid of unnecessary PC design components that can make your long scroll design easier to access. These elements are only going to create a disturbance regarding your designing approach. Because a mobile screen is not capable of displaying everything that resides on a PC. You have to specify your web page requirements earlier.

5. Check for Duplicacy

One more thing that you have to make sure about is to avoid duplicate content regarding whatever you have as your web page content on your website. On a mobile screen, duplicate content won’t be tolerated at all. The users find it really irritating especially when using a mobile phone long-scroll design.

Closing Thoughts

In this way, we can conclude that an optimized long scroll mobile website design can raise your website design & usability value exceptionally. You just need to improve your existing design outcome for extraordinary results. Furthermore, SFWP Experts are also there to assist you regarding your Custom Website Designing & Development goals. Just let us know!

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